Corporate Business Club

Venue: China Rose Restaurant at 228 - 28th Street SE
Cost: $20 includes an all you can eat buffet, tax and gratuity

Speaker Schedule

September 28, 2017 - Brad Mooney, Awareness Strategies
October 12, 2017 - Ayeesha Kassam, ICC Benefits Management
October 26, 2017 - Andrew Lipp, Blue Electrical Service and Technology
November 9, 2017 - Craig Tough, ReMax
November 23, 2017 - Rob Haynes, Haynes Elevators
December 7, 2017 - David Seymour, Better Business Modelling

Meet Our Members

peter singleton

Company: Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc.
Phone: (403) 879-2747
About Us: The Principals at Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. have been in practice since 2010 and in 2016 re-branded in an effort to franchise what they consider to be the best accounting model in the industry with regards to accuracy, timeliness, customer service and affordability. 
Joined CGAA December 2016

Ryan Nix

Company: Turner Signs
Contact: Ryan Nix
Phone: (403) 250-8030
About Us: We provide signage for professional offices, property managers, retail businesses, public institutions, commercial organizations, and corporate head offices.

Joined CGAA August 10, 2017

Arla Hillis

Company: Brokerlink
Contact: Arla Hillis, Business Development Manager & General Insurance Broker 
Phone: (403) 767-6566
About Us: We are experts at designing a customized insurance policy that will meet your every need. We also know exactly how to identify the most competitive estimates, ensuring that you get the lowest insurance rate possible.
Joined CGAA July 21, 2016

c kruse

Company: Entegra Business Center Inc.
Contact: Courtney Kruse
Phone: (403) 252-5500
About Us: We provide office space, board room rental, and virtual assistance for business tenants at suite 400 - 7015 Macleod Trail SW.
Joined CGAA June 2016

m lindenbach

Company: Biz-Assist
Contact: Michael Lindenbach
Phone: (587) 333-6686
About Us: Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, high growth or established company, startup founder or service provider, Biz-Assist provides the ideal environment for you and your business to thrive. Get work done, keep the team happy, be part of a community and find clients, partners and friends.
Joined CGAA June, 2016


Sid Helischauer 1

Company: Destination Wedding Photography
Contact: Sid Helischauer, Owner 
Phone: (403) 291-9777
About Us: At Destination Wedding Photography we focus on destination weddings; corporate headshots; and all types of studio photography.
Joined CGAA January 31, 2014


David Seymour

Company: Better Business Modelling
Contact: David Seymour
Phone: (888) 775-6953
About Us: Do you want to increase the efficiency of your department and have your team spend more time on activities critical to growth? If so, we are here to show you how our dedicated knowledge and skills building financial models and management reports can save you time and money! Not only is it possible to save time and money, the tools you need to do this are probably already on your computer!
Joined CGAA June 29, 2017

Christopher Bur

Company: Duality Realized
Contact: Christopher Bur
Phone: (587) 500-8172
About Us: This invincible mind technology is so powerful it has over a million successful followers world-wide. It is so practical, it can be used by anyone to end self sabotage, break through the mental barriers to peak performance, and accomplish more in less time… with less effort, less resistance, less stress, and less frustration.
Joined CGAA December 2016

Craig Tough

Company: Remax
Contact: Craig Tough
Phone: (403) 830-5458
About Us: Whether you’re a first time buyer, up-sizing, down-sizing, or ‘right-sizing’, I can help you find the ideal property or the perfect home you’re seeking. I not only strive to provide a higher quality and calibre of real estate services to my clients, but to consistently exceed expectations where others fail. My primary focus is on representing both sellers & buyers who are seeking either single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, recreational, luxury or investment properties. My goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible and that you feel both confident and comfortable in that you made the right decision.
Joined CGAA September 7, 2017

Rob Haynes

Company: Haynes Elevators
Contact: Rob Haynes
Phone: 403-922-6917
About Us: Maintenance-Free Custom Home Elevators. Ever been on a residential elevator? Most of them are built so flimsily that you're afraid to get on again. When one of our clients needed an elevator for their home we researched the market and didn't find anything that we liked... so being engineers, we built our own!
Joined CGAA January 2017

David Martens

Company: Dasan Interiors
Contact: David Martens
Phone: (403) 650-6778
About Us: Whether it’s a reno, residential home build or commercial development, Dasan Interiors bring a high level of European skill, discerning eye, and personal attention to your project that most other contractors can’t. We’re bery passionate about creating 'dream' solutions for your challenging projects.
Joined CGAA July 13, 2017

brad mooney

Company:  Awareness Strategies
Contact: Brad Mooney - Owner
Phone: (403) 259-2490
About Us: Your Ultimate Source for Business Growth Resources We focus on helping You, The Growing Entrepreneur with Strategy, Support and State of Mind All the while ensuring that you have what it takes to Fill Your Sales Funnel, Create Customers, and Make Them Raving Fans. That help you to create the Freedom That you went into Business To Achieve.
Joined CGAA March 21, 2016


Andrew Lipp

Company: Blue Electrical Service & Technology
Contact: Andrew Lipp
Phone: (403) 463-8407
About Us: Construction, maintenance, design and analysis are our four service areas. In the construction industry we build new developments and enable custom renovations. Through experience and suppliers we supply solutions for keeping electrical systems up and running. Design services are supplied by our electricians based on understanding of the Canadian Electrical Code, experience with client electrical needs and installation.
Joined CGAA August, 2016

Dar Zuch

Company:  Helia
Contact: Dar Zuch - Owner
Phone: (403) 668-7895
About Us:Stable office technology requires acknowledging the interconnectivness of computers, telephones, the network and of course - software. Helia can manage these desparate pieces and help you get the most of your IT - all with one call.
Joined CGAA April 2015



Company: Canwest Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc.
Contact: Lee Krywko
Phone: (403) 225-4445
About Us: We do it all. Asphalt and concrete cutting, coring, scanning, repairs, maintenance, little driveways, big highways and anything else. We have trained personnel in each area and all the state-of-the-art equipment standing ready.
Joined CGAA September, 2017

Sid Helischauer 1

Company: Insurance Companies Calgary
Contact: Sid Helischauer, Owner 
Phone: (403) 984-4113
About Us: At Insurance Companies Calgary we look after all of your group benefits and other insurance needs.
Joined CGAA January 31, 2014

Joyce Maclean

Company: The Mortgage Group
Contact: Joyce Maclean
Phone: (403) 990-9376
About Us: TMG The Mortgage Group is an award-winning Canadian mortgage company with a national team of over 700 qualified and accredited mortgage brokers and mortgage professionals providing residential and commercial mortgage services. Since 1990, TMG has helped a quarter million Canadians get the best financing solutions and mortgage rates through Canadian mortgage lenders from coast to coast.
Joined CGAA February 16, 2017


Les Leonhardt

Company: Investors Group
Contact: Les Leonhardt
Phone: (403) 810-4492
About Us: We use our strategic investment planning tools to strike a balance between return and risk. Our investment planning approach allows us to create investment portfolios you can rely on, no matter how safe or aggressive you choose to be.
Joined CGAA February 23, 2017


melani wilson

Company: Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions
Contact: Melani Wilson
Phone: (403) 879-2747
About Us: We have been bookkeeping across Calgary since 2010 and have numerous bookkeepers all around the city ready to help you with your bookkeeping, at affordable prices.
Joined CGAA September 11, 2017

Ross Hoffert

Company: BCS Direct
Contact: Ross Hoffert
Phone: (403) 607-1810
About Us: Fast response onsite computer repair for only $70/hour performed by experienced IT professionals all across Calgary.
Joined CGAA September 12, 2017