Britannia Business Club

Venue: Holiday Inn 4206 Macleod Trail South
Cost: $25 includes a great meal, tax and gratuity

Meeting Schedule

October 4, 2017 - Ross Hoffert, BCS Direct
October 18, 2017 - Greg Miller, Intelligent Home
November 1, 2017 - Christine Versnick, CIR Realty
November 15, 2017 - Jim Pratt, Invis Mortgage

Meet Our Members

peter singleton

Company: Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc.
Phone: (403) 879-2747
About Us: The Principals at Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. have been in practice since 2010 and in 2016 re-branded in an effort to franchise what they consider to be the best accounting model in the industry with regards to accuracy, timeliness, customer service and affordability. 
Joined CGAA December 2016

j savard

Company: Bedrock Realty
Contact: John Savard
Phone: (403) 619-5646
About Us: At Bedrock, we work one-on-one with property seekers to help them find commercial office space that fits their needs and budget. Our non-conflict approach means we work on behalf of tenants to help them find and negotiate the best leases possible using timely, creative and cost-effective solutions.
Joined CGAA January, 2017

k dejonge

Company: NXG International
Contact: Kevin Dejonge
Phone: (403) 836-8314
About Us: NXG International is a technology company that enables merchants to accept electronic payments in any manner that they need, whether that be credit cards, debit cards, gift and loyalty cards using physical or virtual terminals, and we also can provide full e-commerce integration
Joined CGAA January, 2017

Garry Peck

Company: Sasquatch Art & Display
Contact: Garry Peck
Phone: (403) 620-0531
About Us: SASQUATCH ART & DISPLAY INC. has operated since 1982. We provide our clients with uniquely creative art services at Stampede, Christmas and throughout the year, at reasonable rates. We take pride in both the quality of our work and the degree of service we provide.
Joined CGAA February 22, 2017

Christine Versnick

Company: CIR Realty
Contact: Christine Versnick
Phone: (403) 863-1276
About Us: With my many years of experience and expert knowledge of Calgary’s great neighbourhoods, I am excited to take this journey with you from home inspection to financials, open house to negotiating, to ensure you walk away with everything you needed.
Joined CGAA June 2, 2017

Jim Pratt

Company: Invis
Contact: Jim Pratt
Phone: (403) 818-1795
About Us: I have a fiduciary responsibility to all my clients to provide them with a number of different options based on their specific needs. I am able to shop your business to multiple lenders as opposed to dealing with a bank which is restricted to its one product line.
Joined CGAA May 3, 2017


s tooke

Company: Personal Trainer
Contact: Sarah Tooke
Phone: (403) 332-2316
About Us: Health and fitness have been a passion of Sarah's for over 14 years and she has been a CSEP certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the last 8 years. She constantly strives to grow as a trainer and coach in order to provide her clients with the most effective and efficient workouts for their specific fitness goals.
Joined CGAA January 2017

Greg miller

Company: Intelligent Homes Canada
Contact: Greg Miller
Phone: (403) 471-8139
About Us: Intelligent Homes Canada the source for everything you need to improve the security, comfort and convenience in your home by making it "Intelligent". We offer the latest in security systems ,home automation controllers and everything in between.
Joined CGAA November 2016

Dale DouglasCompany: City Wide Courier
Contact: Dale Douglas
Phone: 403-246-8349
About Us: Our team of professionals have provided same day courier service to Calgary and Area for over 30 years.
Joined CGAA November 23, 2016

Shelley Vandervelde

Company: The Art of a Woman
Contact: Shelley Vandervelde
Phone: (403) 281-8429
About Us: Our home based studio provides the intimacy that allows you to explore your feminine side in comfort. Your experience at SVP begins with meeting Shelley for a personal design session to plan your artistic portrait together. You will discuss details of the session in order to create a custom work of art that is personalized and unique to you.
Joined CGAA February 22, 2017

Maureen MacDonald

Company: Calgary Plant Lady
Contact: Maureen MacDonald
Phone: (403) 332-2316
About Us: I do not use chemicals. I am currently writing articles for house plants and garden plants. I do a lot of work with herbs. Recently I have been getting more involved with community gardening. I have a few work shops set up to help communities move forward with their garden projects.
Joined CGAA January 2017

Philip Setter

Company: Business C I
Contact: Philip Setter
Phone: 403-909-4399
About Us: We understand that you work hard for your money and you should be able to enjoy more of it. If you own a corporation, chances are you are hoarding your profits in your corporate account because you're scared to pay Canada's high-income tax rates.
Joined CGAA August 3, 2017

Anita Szott

Company: Travel Agent
Contact: Anita Szott
Phone: 403-466-5400
About Us: Wether you're travelling in Canada, the US or to some fun in the sun destination, Anita can help!
Joined CGAA February 2017

Zack Tammam

Company: Trusted Home Inspections 
Contact: Zack Tammam
Phone: (403) 589-9840
About Us: Our inspections provide thorough, objective and honest reports. Ensuring the house you are purchasing is safe for you and your family to live in by using modern electronic testing devices. Colour photos and detailed sketches with every inspection report.
Joined CGAA April 26, 2017

Kyle Keith

Company: Instant Imprints
Contact: Kyle Keith
Phone: (403) 994-3232
About Us: Promotional products and services including embroidery, signs & banners, custom t-shirts, team uniforms and more.
Joined CGAA June 8, 2017


Daryl Desmarais

Company: Business Growth & Coaching Solutions
Contact: Daryl Desmarais
Phone: (587) 866-6719
About Us:My clients enjoy working at a pace that gives them positive changes in their business yet remains sensitive to their family needs. I work with my clients through growth strategies and access to other experts that will save them time and create greater revenue and profitability for their business.
Joined CGAA May 17, 2017

Courtney Kruse Entegra Business Centre

Company: Entegra Business Center Inc.
Contact: Courtney Kruse
Phone: (403) 252-5500
About Us: We provide office space, board room rental, and virtual assistance for business tenants at suite 400 - 7015 Macleod Trail SW.
Joined CGAA June 2016

sean lacroix calgary

Company: Accountable Communications Inc.
Contact: Sean Lacroix
Phone: (403) 879-2509 Ext 2
About Us: We help business owners with their marketing and advertising efforts. We design state of the art websites; create effective Social Media campaigns; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Maketing (SEM) strategies; and traditional marketing strategies that will get businesses more business immediately.
Joined CGAA October, 2016

Ross Hoffert

Company: BCS Direct
Contact: Ross Hoffert
Phone: (403) 607-1810
About Us: Fast response onsite computer repair for only $70/hour performed by experienced IT professionals all across Calgary.
Joined CGAA September 12, 2017

melani wilson

Company: Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions
Contact: Melani Wilson
Phone: (403) 879-2747
About Us: We have been bookkeeping across Calgary since 2010 and have numerous bookkeepers all around the city ready to help you with your bookkeeping, at affordable prices.
Joined CGAA September 11, 2017